TabouliTaboli (ta-boo-ly) which is sometimes called tabbouleh or spelled tabouli, is a flavorful middle eastern vegetable and bulgur wheat salad mix.  This dish has been a part of the Mediterranean diet for a thousand years.  Wheather you're a vegetarian, a health and /or diet conscious individual, taboli is a back to nature treat.

Bishop Brothers (Steakhouse Taboli) has been packaging taboli, mix for over 40 years out of our facility in Oklahoma.  Our taboli, recipe became popular when served in our restaurant, that when we decided to put it in package form for all to enjoy. For years we have found just the right Bulgur wheat and ingredients to help enhance your eating experience.  Served chilled, this bulgur wheat salad served as an appetizer, a picnic salad, or as a side dish with any meal.

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